Special Economic Zones

Rajasthan Special Economic Zone is being set up with an objective to initiate infrastructural development and a hassle-free environment best suited for export trade from the state with a primary focus in the fields of gems and jewelry, woolen carpets, handicrafts, and so on.

The state government has planned up for the establishment of Rajasthan special economic zone in order to originate a nontaxable territory in the state, which will be treated as a foreign territory. The primary aim behind the establishment of the SEZ in Rajasthan is to formulate an absolutely tax free operation in industrial, service, and trade sector which will delineate more liberal policies in terms of the levies, foreign investments, and other transactions.

Rajasthan's proximity to the Delhi International Airport and ports of the western coast, makes it an ideal location for export-oriented industrial development on a large scale. 40% of the proposed Delhi-Mumbai freight corridor will pass through Rajasthan throwing up enormous possibilities for development of industrial belts such as special economic zones along the corridor. Six SEZs with an expected investment of `165.15 billion have already notified. These are:

1. Mahindra World City (Jaipur)Ltd - Multi Product SEZ at Jaipur
2. RIICO Ltd (Phase-I)-Multi Product SEZ at Sitapura, Jaipur
3. RIICO Ltd ( Phase-II)-Multi Product SEZ at Sitapura, Jaipur