Electricity Bill Submission

Quick Bill Pay
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Email Address
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How to pay bill
  • 1. K no Detail

  • 2. Bill Detail

  • 3. Pay

1 Select your provider from dropdown list, to know your provider use for help. Enter your KNO, your mobile number and email correctly for sending payment related receipt.

2 Verify your details like consumer name, address, bill month, year, bill number and amount.

3 Select payment option at payment gateway and pay your bill amount.

Bill Detail
  • Verify your bill details like consumer name, address, KNO, bill number, month, year and amount.
  • If bill payment status is yes, then do not pay bill.
  • Payment gateway charges shall apply as per the selected payment method.
Payment Details
  • Download payment recipt using download recipt button.
  • If payment fails and amount deducted from banck (Transaction Status - PENDING), then verify your payment using verify past transaction section. Please try after 30 min each time payment status is peinding
  • If payment fails then, make a new payment.
Payment Details