Running a Business

Rajasthan has a network of support organizations like Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation, the Commissioner of Industries, the Bureau of Investment Promotion and the Rajasthan Finance Corporation, amongst others. Rajasthan investment incentives include subsidies, power concessions, land and building tax exemption, and special land package for IT industries. Rajasthan government has reserved one-third of its developed industrial area for small and medium enterprises to give a boost to the sector.

The Rajasthan Finance Corporation is providing funds in form of grants and term loans, which are upto Rs. 200 Crores for limited companies and co-operatives societies, upto Rs. 80 Crores for Proprietary and Partnership firms. The RFC also provides short term credit facilities for the good borrowers, for meeting the requirement of working capital or acquiring fixed assets.

On the other hand proper power supply for the business also works as a catalyst, which can even play a vital role in enhancing of business activities in the state. Till March 2014 Rajasthan has achieved a power generation capacity of more than 15000 MW in total.

Skilled labour which has its own importance in running a business successfully specially in present business environment, in order to ensure profuse availability of trained resources, sequential efforts are coupled educational infrastructure and training. These aspects are recess of complete growth and success in the state.