The portal is a single point of access for the G2B & G2C transactions offered by Government of Rajasthan through its constituent departments. The portal aims at educating the citizens and businesses with access to information. It also educates the citizens, businesses in the state about their rights, benefits and schemes offered by the Government as well as eligibility requirements for availing these benefits.

In order to avail these services, kindly first register to the portal. After registration, you'll get your Login ID & password. Once you have logged-in, select the department & the required service(s) you want to avail.

The portal has very user-friendly design built to it. The user can easily access any of the features such as Administrative Setup, Publication & News, Important Documents,etc. from anywhere in the site as all the links are available on every page. The form filling in state portal solution is very easy, user friendly and avoids common form filling errors (such as, ensuring all mandatory fields are entered, selecting options by checking boxes where applicable, etc.). The e-Forms are populated with the necessary information, retrieved from the appropriate backend department systems, based on the citizen/business identification information provided by the counter operators. The portal solution provides easy-to-use step-by-step guidance to fill the eForms.

State portal is highly secured. The concept of SSL certificate is introduced which facilitates the citizens of Rajasthan with secured flow of information over Internet. All the online certificates are digitally signed by authorized departmental official so as to ensure the authenticity of the official documents issued by means of the portal.