District Details

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Rajsamand District is a district of the state of Rajasthan in western India. The town of Rajsamand is the district headquarter is named after the Rajsamand Lake, built by Rana Raj Singh Mewar. It has been constituted on 10th April 1991 from the Udaipur District. The local dialect of the region is Mewari, spoken in great number the by the locals. The district is having 4 sub-divisions that are further divided into 7 tehsils namely- Amet, Bhim, Deogarh, Kumbhalgarh, Nathdwara, Railmagra and Rajsamand. The region is basically farming oriented due to its sub-tropical dry climate, backed by good amount of rainfall during the month of June – September. Although most of the economy in Rajasthan based on agriculture, this part of state is rich in mineral resources. The area is one of the prime Indian supplier of marble, granite and other valuable varieties of stone. The abundance availability of limestone and other supportive minerals has also encouraged Cement industries in the region. The Dariba and Jawar Mines are the principal sources or ores for Zinc, Silver, Manganese etc. The district has some remarkable architecture which are of historic significance, it includes Kumbhalgarh Fort birth place of Maharna Pratap which has the second longest retiring wall after ‘The Great Wall of China’, the very wall encloses 360 temples within it, Haldi Ghati (The Yellow Vale) where historic battle was fought between Maharana Pratap and Mughal Emperor Akbar, Chetak Tomb, Rajsamand Lake which is a artificial lake constructed by Rana Raj Singh Mewar. Apart from these historic places Rajsamand also has number of religious venues which Shrinath Temple at Nathdwara, Machind, Dewair and Rakam Garh. There are as much as 16 schools imparting primary and secondary education in Rajsamand District, along with this a good private colleges along with one government college provides higher education in faculty of Arts, Science and Commerce.

  How to Reach

  • On Web
    URL : http://rajsamand.rajasthan.gov.in
  • By Air
    There are no regular flights from other major cities of the country to Rajsamand. Nearest airport is Udaipur Airport.
  • By Train
    Rajsamand does not have a train station, and the nearest station is Udaipur, at a distance of 65 kms from Rajsamand.
  • By Bus
    You can easily get regular buses to Rajsamand from other major cities of the country.

 Tourist attractions


  • District Collectorate
  • Police Station: Police Control Room
  • Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.