District Details

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hanumangarh is situated in the northern part of Rajasthan, situated on the banks of the river Ghaggar also identified as an ancient Sarsavati river, located about 400 km from Delhi. The area around Hanumangarh appears to be quite old. The Hanuman district also has a significant place in the ancient history. The climate of the district is semi-dry, extremely hot during the summer and extremely cold during winter. Hanumangarh is well connected with rail transport as ‘Hanumangarh Junction' is a major railway station in Jodhpur- Bhathinda line; Sadulpur, Rewari, Jaipur, Sriganganagar, Anupgarh. Bagri is the major language in Hanunangarh popularity known as Khichdi language because of having Punjabi words and Haryanvi accent. A large number of festivals and fairs are also held in this place, thereby giving one a good idea about the culture of Rajasthan. Due to its rich history, the district has some of the major tourist attractions. The places, tourist can visit include Bhatner Fort, Kalibangan, Bhandrakali Mata Temple, Pallu, Brahmani Temple etc.Industrial development has been started since long as industrial zone established 'Industrial area Hanumangarh-I and II' which was set us by RICCO and well developed quality infrastructural facilities like well developed national highways, state highway, district network and electric supply. Civil infrastructural facilities like post office, government dispensary,banks,school and colleges are also well developed in Hanumangarh.

  How to Reach

  • On Web
    URL : http://hanumangarh.rajasthan.gov.in
  • By Air
    Hanumangarh does not have an airport.
  • By Train
    You can easily get regular trains to Hanumangarh from other major cities of the country.
  • By Bus
    There are regular buses from other major cities of the country to Hanumangarh.

 Tourist attractions


  • District Collectorate
  • Police Station: Police Control Room
  • Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.