Rajasthan is one of the most preferred destinations for investments in major sectors. The state is an obvious choice for agro and mineral based industries owing to easy availability of raw materials. There is vast potential for food processing, solvent extraction and associated industries like cold storage in Rajasthan. The large stock of cattle is an advantage for leather, wool, dairy and meat based units. Other thriving industries in the state are textiles, tourism, automobiles, consumer goods and information technology.

Rajasthan has attracted a large number of Multinational Companies to set up projects in the State. Industrial houses of India and multi-nationals alike have set up ventures in fields as diverse as Information Technology, Electronics, Textiles, Chemicals, Agro-processing, Cement, Granite, and Engineering. Multinational companies like Ericsson, Corning, GE Capital, Ford, Bosch & Lomb, Mico-Bousch, Electrolux, Gillette etc. had chosen the State of Rajasthan for setting up their projects.

Rajasthan also houses an exclusive Japanese Manufacturing Zone in Neemrana. The success of this project has intrigued the Korean fraternity, who has decided to set up an exclusive Korean Industrial Zone in the region of Alwar.