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  • Dhulandi Festival (6 March 2015)
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    Dhulandi (festival of colours) is celebrated all over India a day after Holi and marks the start of spring. On this occasion Department of Tourism organizes Dhulandi Festival so that foreign tourists can enjoy this festival with live folk performances in the lawns of Khasa Kothi, Jaipur between 10.00 Am to 1.00 pm
  • GANGAUR FESTIVAL (22-23 March 2015)
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    Gangaur is one of the most important local festivals in Rajasthan. In some form or the other it is celebrated all over Rajasthan. “gan” is a synonym for Lord Shiva and “gauri” or “gaur” stands for Goddess Parvati, the heavenly consort of Lord Shiva. Gangaur celebrates the union of the two and is a symbol of conjugal and marital happiness.
  • MEWAR FESTIVAL, UDAIPUR (22-24 March 2015)
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    The Mewar Festival is celebrated to welcome the advent of spring. It coincides with the festival of Gangaur in Udaipur, and has a unique charm about it. The procession winds its way to the Gangaur Ghat at Lake Pichhola.

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