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Command Area Development
In order to ensure optimum utilization of irrigation water for maximizing agricultural production and productivity through a multi-disciplinary approach, a Command Area Development Authority (CADA) was set up for IGNP in 1974. The basic activities of CADA include construction of lined watercourses from the channel to the field, roads, sanitary diggis for drinking water, protective forestry for canal, roads and farms, afforestation and pasture development, fisheries, agricultural research and extension, supply of inputs and services to the farmers, development of abadies and of marketing facilities, a drainage system to prevent water-logging, and finally to promote settlement in the difficult terrain. The Administrative Department at the State level is CAD and Water Utilization Department headed by Principal Secretary. At the project level it is headed by the Area Development Commissioner, based at Bikaner. The Area Development Commissioner's office or CADA (Command Area Development Authority) is responsible for all other developmental works. Later on more projects were included in the CAD programme, besides IGNP.
The Projects working under CAD, Bikaner are as under:-
The Indira Gandhi Nahar Project was conceived and executed to utilise 9,393 mts. of Ravi - Beas waters in order to convert 1.96 million hactare of semi-arid and arid desert wasteland into a culturable command area. This area spans across 7 districts of Rajasthan - Sriganganagar, Hanumangarh, Bikaner, Churu, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur & Barmer. In addition to optimising agricultural production, the Project also envisages regional development and ecological improvement by checking desertification.
The water of the Ravi Beas system is diverted from the Harike Barrage in Punjab, through 204 Km long Indira Gandhi Nahar Feeder, into 445 Km long Indira Gandhi Main Canal from Masitawali to Gadra Road (Barmer). The Project is divided into two stages: Stage-I comprises 5.53 lac hectares, while Stage-II covers 14.10 lac hectares. The Stage-I area is further subdivided into two phases on the basis of external financial assistance received for its execution. Stage-I Phase-I consists of all command land whose canal systems off-take from 0 to 74 Km of Main Canal while Stage-I Phase-II consists of the area between Km 74 to Km 189 of Main Canal including the left out area of Stage-I Phase-I. Area of Stage-I has been transferred to Chief Engineer (North), Water Resources, Hanumangarh. Agriculture Extension offices & Adaptive Trials centres of Agriculture Research of Stage-I has also been transferred to State Agriculture Department.
The Stage-II area consists of flow command area of Dattor, Bhuttowali, Birsalpur, Charanwala, Nachna, Awai, Sakaria, Mitharia, Rorund, Mohangarh, Mandau, Shaheed Birbal shakha, Sagarmal Gopa Shakha & Baba Ramdev sub branch systems. Further, Lift command area of Sahawa, Gajner, Bangarsar, Kolayat, Phalodi & Pokaran Lift systems is also included in IGNP stage-II area.
Sidhmukh Nohar Project lies in the North-East part of Rajasthan State in the Hanumangarh and Churu districts. The command area of this project is situated adjoining Amarsingh Sub Branch system of Bhakra command.  The command area is characterized by the extreme variation of the temperature rising to 45-50 degree Celsius in May/June, scanty and erratic rainfall. The total CCA of this project is 1,14,379 ha. 99 villages of Hanumangarh district and 14 villages of Churu district would be benefited from this project.
Amar Singh Sub Branch Irrigation Project (ASBP) lies in the North part of Rajasthan State in the Hanumangarh district.  The command area of this project is a part of Bhakhra command and situated adjoining Sidhmukh Nohar Irrigation Project of Bhakhra command.  The command area is characterized by the extreme variation of the temperature, scanty & erratic rainfall.  Culturable Command Area (CCA) of Amar Singh Sub Branch Irrigation Project is 50702 ha. The total chaks of this project are 169.
The sanction for inclusion of Gang Canal Project under CADWM Programme have been accorded vide Govt. of India, Ministry of Water Resources (CADWM Wing) letter No13-2/2008-CADWM dated 19.01.2011 for an area of 1.83 lac ha. with a total cost of Rs 538 Crores. The Administrative sanction of the project has been accorded by Govt. of Rajasthan vide CAD&WU Deptt. letter No. F.4(20)CAD/07, dated 07.02.2011.
Other than OFD works i.e. Agriculture Research, Agriculture Extension, Town Planning, Ground Water Programme, Mandi Development, Field Testing & Quality Control works etc. are being taken as usual by concerned units under CAD Project.

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